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Homeland Security Scrap Metal

Ohio Department of Public Safety Contacts

Scrap Metal Materials

Clarification of Ohio Scrap Metal Website Material Selection Categories

Technical Specifications for Do Not Buy List Submissions

Technical Specifications for Scrap Metal Daily Transaction Submissions

Technical Specifications for Scrap Dealer Service API (Dual Swipe Capability)

Scrap Metal/Bulk Merchandise Container Information

AEP Cable theft examples

Scrap Metal Dealer Website Tutorial


Hotline: (855) 377-0193
or email to scrapmetal@dps.ohio.gov


Scrap Metal: Guide to Legal Transactions (YouTube video)

Scrap Dealer Training Video

Ohio Homeland Security created this informational, training video for scrap dealers on how to comply with new Ohio laws, including: registering as a scrap metal dealer/business; how to upload daily transactions; and how to utilize the Searchable Electronic List or "Do Not Buy List."




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