Ohio Cyber Program

The goal of the Ohio Homeland Security Cyber Program is to widely develop and promote cybersecurity programs and services that improve the cybersecurity posture for the state of Ohio. Program activities provide OHS with the opportunity for improvement on cybersecurity prevention, protection, and response per the state of Ohio THIRA, Stakeholder Preparedness Review, and grant funding from FEMA.

This program works closely with the Ohio Cyber Security Center, the Statewide Terrorism Analysis and Crime Center (STACC), the Ohio Fusion Centers, the Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) Program, the Ohio School Safety Center, the Critical Infrastructure Team, and the Education & Outreach Team to provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted statewide approach. Collaboration strengthens the cyber security capabilities of OHS’s partners and Ohio’s citizens while mitigating risk and the impact of a cyberattack.

For further information or business collaboration, please contact Janille Stearmer, at jsstearmer@dps.ohio.gov.

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